Here are some testimonials from our past clients:

Vicki_1 Vicki_After1

“I now sleep better/deeper/sounder than I have in 30 years. I now wake up refreshed and full of energy and ready to take on my day. I no longer get the mid-afternoon energy slumps. I have taken my blood pressure several times and it is at the normal range and I am aiming to come off of my BP medication in a few weeks. I have NO more issues with Acid Reflux which is a victory in itself and had been debilitating to me over the past 5 years. I am taking on an exercise regiment and have registered to do a ½ marathon in the future. I have also lost 13 lbs as a result of this program, something that I was completely unable to do no matter what type of diet or program I tried in the past.”

~ Vicki Henderson

Update: Since Vicki wrote this testimonial she has lost an additional 45 pounds as of May 2013 and continues to make progress.

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“I had given up hope to find a solution to my weight issues.   Luckily I’ve been pretty healthy, but I have worries about how things will go as I get older.  I’m currently 46 and looking to enjoy life well into my retirement years.  I thought I ate pretty healthy.  I knew that my portion sizes could be smaller and I should quit the sweets after dinner.  I brought my lunch to work most days and planned snacks during the day so I wouldn’t get the afternoon energy dip – that sometimes left me with brain fog so bad I couldn’t make a decision to save my life!   It has always been so hard for me to lose weight.  For every program I tried (and there were quite a few); when I’d plateau at week two, they’d recommend me restricting my diet even more and adding exercise.  I’d be so exhausted and ‘hangry’ (hungry + angry) that exercise was just an added torture.  I was pretty sure that every ‘pill’ and program was just not going to work for me, and who wants to count, track and measure all the time?  So I stopped my search and figured that at some point I’d just get a good walking program incorporated into my schedule – which never happened.  Then my BFF found a health and lifestyle coach (Trish Davis) and invited me to join her in a 30-day weight loss program.  I said yes.  Although I was skeptical, I believe things are put in your path for a reason, so I gave it a chance and jumped on the ride!

Trish guided us through the Whole30 program.  She really set us up for success.  We had a couple weeks to read about and discuss the program, clean out our refrigerators and cupboards, learn to shop and meal plan.  She also helped us with steps to enroll our friends, family and loved ones to support us along the way.  This I have to say was extremely helpful!    After going out for my ‘last milkshake for 30 days’ that made me sick to my stomach and put me in a sugar coma for a few hours, I knew I was ready!

I can’t say the first week was pleasant – I was really tired and suffered from ‘carb flu’.  But it got better.  By the end of the 30 days…

  • I gained steady energy throughout the day, with clarity and better focus.
  • I handle stress better and find more humor in life.
  • I no longer need snacks during the day and I don’t crave sweets after dinner.
  • I have become a great cook! Really! I invested in a couple of Paleo cookbooks and have found that it is so much easier to create fast and satisfying meals when it is centered around tasty fresh foods.
  • I sleep really well. I wake up without feeling achy – I swore I had a terrible bed that needed to be replaced, but now I wake up feeling great and refreshed.
  • I lost 13lbs! That’s without feeling deprived.

It’s been one week since I completed my Whole30, but I am still ‘on plan’ and will only go ‘off roading’ for special occasions.  I’ve lost an additional 5lbs with ease!  My next step is to add in exercise.  I committed to walking a half marathon in a few months!   I feel totally different – more confidant.  Thank you Trish for sharing this program!  It was like guiding me to the fountain of health.  It’s an amazing ride!”

~ Cheryl Alexander

Update: Since Cheryl wrote this testimonial she has lost an additional 36 pounds as of May 2013 and continues to make progress.


I asked Trish to get me stronger and leaner and without a doubt she has fulfilled on that request. My favorite quote to date is as I am totally smoked from a set of back squats she says “I wonder when this will become hard for you?” What? I love this girl!!

~ Robert Budd
Kettlebell Expert Strong First Team Leader Bam Culture!