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Trish Davis, Founder

Prior to diving into health and fitness coaching, Trish started out designing telecommunications and network systems for Navy bases and submarines around the world. After battling bouts of depression and watching her grandmother suffer a long and debilitating battle with Type 2 diabetes, Trish was driven to regain control of her own health and well-being.

After discovering CrossFit and the Zone Diet in 2007, she quickly realized the importance nutrition played in how she felt on a day to day basis. After attending Robb Wolf’s CrossFit Nutrition Seminar, she began to integrate the Paleo diet principles into her lifestyle and quickly saw results with how she both looked and felt from eating cleaner sources of food. In 2015, ready for a change of pace and still not able to dial in her body composition quite to the level she desired, Trish turned to the bodybuilding world and competed in her first Figure Competition. Trish has learned how to take the food that fuels our body and dial it into specific quantities and ratios to optimize body composition while improving energy and performance in both the gym and everyday life.


Trish believes that lasting lifestyle changes start with uncovering what people really care about. She takes a holistic approach to health and wellness and is most passionate when she is helping people discover for themselves why they care about being healthy and then working with them to make lasting positive lifestyle changes. In her extensive experience as a CrossFit Coach and gym owner, Trish has had the opportunity to help hundreds of people transform how they fuel their bodies, how they feel throughout the day, improve their quality of sleep and restore balance to their lives.

In addition to enabling people to live healthier, happier and fitter lives, Trish enjoys throwing heavy barbells around, loves bicep curls even more, and will never turn down a good CrossFit WOD.

Trish holds the following certifications:

  • Certificate in Exercise Science from University of California San Diego
  • NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist (LPSN)
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Level 2 Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L2)
  • Attended and interned at multiple CrossFit Level 1 Certifications
  • OPEX (formerly Optimum Performance Training) CCP Coach (In Process)
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Club Coach
  • Multiple CrossFit Specialty Certifications: CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting with Mike Burgener, CrossFit Barbell movements with Mark Rippetoe, CrossFit Gymnastics with Jeff Tucker, CrossFit Nutrition with Robb Wolf, CrossFit Running and Endurance with Brian Mackenzie and Carl Borg, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity with Chris Hinshaw, CrossFit Kids through CrossFit Kids, Inc., CrossFit Science of Exercise